I’m a huge fan. You are a great guitarist. Do you remember what Gretsch you used for Desperado and Wasted Time on the 1994 Hell Freezes Over DVD? It was black. I know you used a White Falcon for two songs but I can’t make out what the black one is. Thanks, Tony

It was a 1959 orange Gretsch “Chet Atkins” that I had refinished black. I loved the sound but hated the color.

I’m a lifetime Felder fan, and also a guitarist. I love the big guitar tone on ‘Already Gone’. What was the guitar, amp, and whatever else used to achieve that tone? Thanks, Phil P.

If I recall correctly, the “big guitar tone” on Already Gone was a Les Paul Special and a black face Fender Deluxe amp with a Vox speaker.

Austin wrote asking what pickups Don uses in his Les Pauls. “Does he use Seymour Duncan’s like in the Strats or something different?”

I use custom-wrapped Seymour Duncan pick ups in my new Les Pauls that are wrapped to my specs to equal my old Les Paul outputs.

I was wondering how the sustain at the very end of “Visions” was achieved. The notes go on and on and it sounds like they are faded out. Were any effects used to get the notes to sustain for that long? Or was it a studio effect? What guitar(s) did you use on that track? Thanks, Manny

Manny, the sustain on the end of Visions is me sitting very near the amp in the studio and using NATURAL feedback. No pedal or gain boost, just guitar pickups feeding back into themselves.

On the subject of acoustic guitars, Dave asked, “Don, I know you are a fan of Taylor Guitars (as am I), so what do you think about the Taylor T5 Hybrid Acoustic Electric? I have heard that while people love the playability, the various tone options it offers via the 5-way Taylor pickup system are a real compromise. Have you had any experience with the guitar?”
And Duke wanted to know, “What brand/model of acoustic guitar does Don play the most now? I may have read somewhere that he is playing a Collings. I am contemplating buying one myself. Thanks!”

I love Taylor acoustic guitars and even have several electrics that I use in my studio. I have not had the opportunity to play with the Hybrid models yet but I would expect them to be as good as the rest of the Taylor line. I play mostly the Taylors (model 614 CE) on stage now. They sound the best I’ve heard on stage and in the house for live shows.

I have three Collings acoustic guitars and play them on recordings in the studio. They are very well balanced and easy to record. I love the overall tone and feel of these acoustics and they fit very nicely in some tracks. I don’t carry them on the road as I don’t want to destroy the integrity of their acoustics by cutting a pickup control section into the body.

In my opinion it’s best to let great acoustic instruments remain just that and not try to make them electric.

I know that you have done a benefit concert for the victims of Katrina. I live in Louisiana (Houma) near New Orleans and got to see much of the damage up close. I was wondering when we might see a video of your benefit concert released or when you might do a concert in the New Orleans area. Thanks, Lee G.

I am certain that a video from the Katrina benefit show will never be released. I doubt seriously that I could obtain the proper licenses for the use of the songs from all the various songwriters.

Hi Don. I was wondering when did you learn to play the 5-string banjo? Was it during the Bernie Leadon era of the Eagles and did he help you out on it to get you started? Thanks for all the creativity and great music you have provided. Larry

I was forced to learn to play 5-string banjo when Bernie left the band. We were doing Midnight Flyer and in order to continue to do that song live I had to learn to play banjo. I was never as good as Bernie but managed to get by.

Manny asks, “I saw the Eagles in concert in March 1980 at the L.A. Forum. My seat was on the upper level above the right side of the stage. Since I had a side view of the stage, I could also see behind it. I was amazed by the sight of numerous guitars back there. There must have been dozens, mounted on stands. At that point during your stint with The Eagles, how many guitars did you take on tour with you?”

I really don’t recall all of the guitars I carried with me during that tour. It was such a long time ago. I would guess around 12 or so.

Allan from Australia was curious, “There’s a pic of Don playing a MIJ superstrat backstage during the Long Run tour – is it a Yamaha? Thanks, Don, for making music that to me, and friends from long ago and now very far away, lit up our nights.”

I would really have to see the picture you’re talking about in order to tell what guitar I was playing at that time!!!

Cody, among others, would like to know whether or not Don actually played the solo on the Eagles’ original recording of “I Can’t Tell You Why.”

Glenn Frey played the original solo on the record. I played it live for all the shows, on the Eagles Live album, and on the Hell Freezes Over CD and DVD.

I have read that you use Seymour Duncan pick ups in your strats. I have seen several pictures of you playing Eric Clapton strats with Lace Sensor pickups. I was just curious about what you think about the Lace Sensors. Do you like the tone or do you use them because of their resistance to 60-cycle interference? Thanks, Jon

I like the Seymour Duncan pickups in some of my strats and I also enjoy the Lace Sensor pickups as well. The Lace Sensor help a great deal with the 60-cycle hum and noise that most single coil pickups suffer from.

Don, many fans write in simply wanting to know what your effects were on “Hotel California.” Can you clue them in?

’59 Les Paul and Fender tweed deluxe amp. No effects at all.

Janne from Finland asks, “I’ve listened to your music for a long time now and also play a little guitar myself. One of my favourites is “Over You.” Are the chords for that song anywhere in written form or on the internet? I would love to learn to play that song.”

That song has not yet been released. It is copywritten and will be on my new CD. Once it is released I’m sure it will be available as sheet music.

[Ed.: “Road to Forever” was released in 2012]

Speaking of sheet music, Larry V. wanted to know where he can purchase online sheet music to “Heavy Metal.”

I honestly have no idea where you can purchase the sheet music for Heavy Metal. Sorry.